Joey  sitting in with Rockabilly legend, Sleepy LaBeef at the Music Machine in Santa Monica, 1982.

L-R, Seu Jorge, Joey and Pretinho De Serrano, backstage at the Hollywood Bowl, 2010. This was on of three nights performing along with the 80 piece Bowl orchestra! 

1986- Raji’s in Hollywood. A one time performance by Screamin Jay with Joey, Jerry “Skeeter” Mascott (bass), and Bill Bateman(drums)

From 1988-1994, Joey  hosted a weekly Afro Cuban Jam session at the The King King club. Pictured here are some of his regular band mates, Tony Rosa, Tiki Passillas, Armando Morales, et al.

This was from one of several gigs at The Bordello in L.A., 2006, Joey Altruda backing up saxophone icon Plas Johnson, with drummer Daniel Glass. photo: Mila Reynaud

Taken ay Nola Studios in NYC during a session for the Reggae Con Los Hippies album. Joey  with “The Conga Kings” Patato Valdez, Candido, and Joe Gonzales. 2004

Taken in L.A. on Eddie Guagua Rivera’s last visit, 2013. He was here with an all star tribute to the Fania All Stars. Bassists Joey Altruda with Luques Curtis, Eddie Resto, and pianist Oscar Hernandez.

L-R, Roland Alphonso, Joey & Sir Coxson Dodd. This was taken outside of Coxson’s Muzik City record shop in Brooklyin, circa 1991/92. I spent many a time there whenever I visited NYC.

Joey with pal George Clayton Johnson, who wrote some of the original Twlight Zone and Star Trek episodes as well as co author of Logan’s Run.

This was taken at the Blue Note NYC, during a week long engagement with Seu Jorge, 2013. L-R, Joey Seu Jorge, Pretinho De Serrano.

Sitting in at a jam session with Wynton Marsalis, and Ronnie Mathews on piano, Umbria, Italy, 1999.

Enjoying some vino with Tony Bennett in Perugia, Italy, 1999. Photo by Herman Leonard.

Taken in Rio De Janeiro, backstage at Wilson Das Neves’ show. 2014 with Rodrigo Amerantes (Hermanos) and drummer/singer Stephane San Juan

Wrappin up another show with Seu Jorge at Blue Note NYC, 2013.

I had a very close friendship with bassist Al McKibbon for 17 years. Here we are with another bass icon, Cachao, during his Master Sessions studio recording, 1994.

During a 1992 Japanese tour as deejay and emcee for the Skatalites. Lloyd Knibb was the man responsible for creating the Ska drum beat in 1963. He was the most influential on all the Reggae drummers to follow.

I finally got to meet Leny Andrade in person during a visit to Rio. She is Brazil’s equivalent to Sarah Vaughn Leny was singing with Joao Donato that evening for his 80th birthday celebration. Afterwards she sat with me and told me all about making her first album “Estamos Ai” with Eumir  Deodato in 1964. Increvil!

This was a gallery opening for Lee Jaffe- photographer and harmonica player for Bob Marley & The Wailers. He was exhibiting his photos of Peter Tosh from the Legalize It sessions.

Another from the Skatalites Japanese tour1992. Lloyd Knibb and bassist Lloyd Brevett were the heartbeat of the band, creating the Rhythm known as Ska in 1963. I’m lookin kinda sleepy because we just made it into the hotel lobby in time to get in the tour bus after a long night.

Under the Arcos De Lapa in Rio with producer Kassin, and Brazilian soul icon Hyldon.

Joey with Cuban conga legend Patato Valdez.

Playing “Tive Razao” with Seu Jorge, Blue Note NYC 2013.

Hangin out with Jon Hendricks and my pals Tnah & Rachel; Fat Tuesdays in NYC, 1992.

This was taken during a visit to the home of Juan Garcia Esquivel in Mexico City, 1999. Also pictured is actor Matt Dillon.

One of my favorite musicians of all time- Ernest Ranglin. He’s a genius in the truest sense of the word. This was  taken in Tokyo, 1993

Sharing a moment with legendary Ska singer Derrick Morgan in my studio, circa 2006. He was in L.A. as part of a big Jamaican Oldies Revue.

This was taken on my 37th birthday in Mexico city. Cuban trumpet hero Chocolate Armenteros flew down as a surprise and sat in on a few tunes for my recording session.

In my studio control room with Chocolate Armenteros, Los Angeles 2004.

Backstage at The Playboy Jazz Festival in L.A., with Israel “Cachao” Lopez, Andy Garcia, and Tazy Philips. 1997(?)

My first meeting with Cachao in Berkely, Ca , 1991. I was introduced by my long time friend , bassist Tony Banda

Bassist Bobby Rodriguez was the heartbeat of the Machito Orchestra in the 1940’s, and Titio Puente’s band for decades to follow. Here we are , goofin on the set of The Mambo Kings, 1991.

Having an impromptu jam session with Bebel Gilberto and her mother, Miucha, in Rio, 2013.

On a recent trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, I had the great fortune to hang out with Gal Costa, along with Bid & Amy Jo.

Sharing a hug with Bebel Gilberto during our sessions together for her CD Tudo, at Mario Caldato’s studio, L.A.

With bassist Bobby Rodriguez on the set of The Mambo Kings, 1991. He, along with Cachao and Al McKibbon, defined Afo Cuban bass playing in the 20th century. I am extremely proud to say that I knew all three of them.

One of my favorite Brazilian singers and personalities, Baby Consuelo aka Baby Do Brazil, who was in Novos Baianos in the 1970’s. We finally met backstage at Blue Note, 2013.

Hangin with Amy Jo & Elza Soares, Sao Paolo Brazil. Elza is one of Brazil’s best performers ever!

Taken somewhere in the mid 90’s , this was at Al McKibbon’s home in L.A. He was checkin out Eddie Resto’s new baby bass that day.

Best Known for playing sax on Mancini’s Pink Panther theme, Plas Johnson is an American Original. Taken at Bordello, 2006 by Mila Reynaud. Mike Boito- piano; Craig Fundyga- vibes.

Another moment at the Bordello with Plas Johnson, 2004. Photo: Mila Reynaud

Hangin with Mongo Santamaria in the studio , 1996 for a session that I was producing at the time. This was a Big Deal for me!

Sharing a hug with Central Avenue Jazz legend, Ernie Andrews. He’s been making records since he was in high school in 1945.

With my great pals Mario C & Eric Bobo, planning a Willie Bobo tribute album for sometime in the near future.

With The Planet Hemp posse- DJ Nuts, Marcelo D2, and B Negao- at NuBlu, NYC 2013.

David Orlando aka DJ Boss Harmz of The Dub Club, and Gaz Mayall. It looks like the flash was a bit overwhelming for us.

With Sir Coxson Dodd at his show in Brooklyn, NY, 1994.

Inside Coxson’s Muzik City with Charlie Morgan and Mr. Dodd, BrookIyn 1994

Outside my recording studio on Melrose Ave, Hollywood with Ernest Ranglin and Lloyd Knibb. 2004

This was taken at Sergio Mendez’ session-two mass heroes- Alphonso Johnson (the Brothers Johnson) and Liminha (Os Mutantes)

Backstage at the Blue Note with Bill Murray & Seu Jorge. It was a merry occasion indeed! 2013

Here I am turning up my amp during a rehearsal with Cuban legend El Gran Fellove. We were preparing to record his first album since 1979. Mexico City 1999. photo: Jacobo Braun


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