Hey there!  I’m Joey Altruda on the left, the author of this website with my partner, AmyJo Davies, on the right.  I am so grateful that AmyJo, a wellness and business mentor, found this hemp oil and accepted the invitation to give it a try. This oil has completely changed her health, so she invited me to try it, and to consider the business opportunity as well.  I’ve never been into marketing or selling, but after I tried this oil, I realized how incredible this product is and that I had to share it with the world.

I am a medical cannabis patient myself, and have access to highest grade medical cannabis. I take this oil every day.  The high concentration of phytocannabinoids, without THC, delivered in such a powerful and bioavailable way, is something I could never replicate at home because I don’t have access to a Co2 extractor or a full laboratory!

Many of us need the benefits of cannabis, and also need to be mentally clear and functional in our lives.  This supplement formulated by Dr. Chris Shade, the world-renown expert in nano-enhanced liposomal delivery, gives you and your clients the powerful benefits, without the “high” that products with a high THC content will give you. Our product is non-psychoactive and does not have any of those same effects.

I have witnessed incredible results with my family and friends whom I’ve shared this oil with.  Many have experimented with other CBD oils with some benefit, but once they started on this oil, the effects were immediate and profound

Getting a wholesale account with Prime My Body is easy.

We have two options for getting yourself set up:

OPTION 1: Affiliate

For only $39 annually, you get a personal website and can purchase oil at a deep discount.  With an affiliate (wholesale) account you can retail the oil in your clinic, or share with your network of friends, family, and customers. The more you share, the more opportunity you have to earn a side income, just for telling people you love about a great product.

There is a fantastic opportunity to leverage your affiliate membership by growing a business.  Whatever level of involvement that makes sense for your life and business is perfect.  Our company has a lot of resources and training to help you share the love.  I also equip everyone who enrolls with me with business cards, printed materials for your office, and personal coaching.


OPTION 2: Auto-ship Customer

You can sign up as a customer with an “auto-ship” account and set yourself up to receive an order automatically each month at the wholesale price. You can cancel your auto-ship at any time and go back to regular priced purchases, but I have a feeling you’re going to love the effects this oil will have on your body and will gladly remain set up with this option.

Prime My Body is a spirit and service-driven company with a lot of heart.  We are emerging as a global leader in medical grade hemp oil.  Our company launched in June of 2017, and we are expanding internationally in 2018.  We will be opening in Japan, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Mexico within the next year.

If you have a strong passion for helping people and are open to adding another stream of income into your life, let’s talk soon.  I will show you how this business can bring you abundance and freedom outside of the “trading dollars for hours” paradigm that most wellness practitioners are stuck in.  Of course, we love our jobs, AND we also deserve to create a lifestyle that supports our highest purpose.  Contact me in the form below to get in touch.

It is no secret that the cannabis industry is exploding.

CBD is hitting the mainstream in a big way, and many people are asking:

“What is CBD?”

“What can it do for me?”

“Where can I get the best?”


Our Affiliate program is ideal for:

  • Health and wellness practitioners such as Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, etc.
  • Marketers looking for the best legal cannabis product
  • Anyone with a passion for health and wellness
  • Outgoing, positive people who love to share an amazing product

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