Criss Cross is undoubtedly one of the great classics of film noir, incorporating all the elements that comprise the genre-lighting,flashbacks, a heist, double crossing femme fatal etc. It is an early role for Burt Lancaster and Yvonne DeCarlo (who is best known to baby boomers for her role as Lili Munster). It is an even earlier role for Tony Curtis, who was cast as an extra (and can be seen briefly, dancing with DeCarlo in above clip). The music in this segment is provided by Cuban Flautist Esy Morales, performing Jungle Fantasy (in a rare on screen appearance). The song itself was a minor hit in the late forties and part of my record collection since I was nine years old. It can be heard on my Vinyl Meltdown Podcast Episode #16 “Jazz Impressions Of Film Noir“.

Criss Cross Poster

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