Just yesterday I was listening to Bix Beiderbecke’s 1927 piano recording of In A Mist over and over, looking for some musical inspiration. One thing led to another and I found myself researching the origins of this amazing composition, which led me down a further path, discovering that Bix had written several compositions for piano-Candlelights, In the Dark, and Flashes. Next stop-YouTube, hoping to find these tunes. What I found was a rich musical jackpot in this beautiful rendition by Bernd Lhotzky, set to a slideshow of images from Beiderbecke’s early life in Davenport, Iowa. To say I found a new lease on my musical life is a vast understatement. My research also led me to Eastwood Lane, a great American Impressionist composer who was an inspiration to Bix, and most famous for his composition Adirondack Sketches.
Thank you Lisa aka MookRyan Channel for posting this and other great pieces of music by both Beiderbecke and Lane!

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