Bachelor Pad Magazine issue 7 is here and being mailed out to subscribers!
Here’s what’s in store for the new issue:

**On the cover, tropical temptress Cardinal Cyn!
**Cheesecake pin-ups from Roxi Dlite, Lulu Bell, and Brooklyn Babydoll!
**A tribute to the Queen of Pin-Ups, Bettie Page.
**A chat with B-movie queen, Tura Satana, star of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
**Out-of-this-world Bachelor Pad fiction from Scoot Baseler.
**Advice on how to impress a bump-and-grind girl from writer Dan Cohen.
**Speak-easy review from Don Spiro.
**More lushy laffs from Tipsy Thomas.
**Gags from TJ Rappel of Krushervision, Scooter Harris from Studio Hadra, and “Atomic Toonz” from Frankie Ill.
**Columns from Cherry Capri, Heidi Van Horne, Penny Starr Jr. , and Will “The Thrill” Viharo!
**Drink recipes from mixologist Dr. Bamboo.
**Plus much more!
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