Seu Jorge Rocks The Hollywood Bowl

(Seu Jorge, Joey Altruda, Pretinho Da Serrinha)

Seu Jorge came to L.A. last month to perform three nights at the Hollywood Bowl along with The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and Bebel Gilberto. I was delighted to be a part of his rhythm section, thumping the Fender bass alongside Eric Bobo (drums), Mike Boito (piano), and Pretinho Da Serrinha (percussion, cavaquino).

Seu Jorge Hollywood Bowl 9-13-09

The gigs were spectacular to say the least, including samba dancers, capoeiristas and a huge fireworks display that lit up the Bowl like New Year’s Eve at midnight.

The following week we met up at Jack Johnson’s Brushfire recording studio on Larchmont, experimenting with different ideas and musical textures, flavored with the keyboard stylings of my longtime compadre Money Mark.
Seu Jorge’s approach is a very free thinking one, and there were moments where he really struck me as a Brazilian counterpart to Serge Gainsbourg; a true musical painter.
I can’t wait to hear the outcome of these tracks and look forward to more musical collaboration with this great inspirational talent.

Vintage Space Toys #9


“1930’s USA Daisy CO’s Rare Buck Rogers No. U-235 Atomic Pistol with Original Box- Arguably the best looking Art Deco style ray gun ever produced. The Atomic Pistol, or U-235, was made around 1935. Produced in a copper and a blued finish, the gun was manufactured by Daisy. This gun was sold in stores as well as merchandised as a Cream of Wheat premium in 1935 and a Popsicle premium in 1939. Length 10 inches. Copper is by far the rarer finish.”

via Ozzie’s Robots Toys & Collectibles

The Fisherman-Hot Film Noir Jump Swing Featured In D.O.A.

This piece of film was first burned into my collective memory as a child, while home sick from school sitting in front of the t.v. The story that follows this scene is incredible, and I had no idea what the name of this film was for nearly 20 years until one day I accidentally stumbled onto it again. “D.O.A.” (1949), starring Edmond O’Brien and Pamela Britton is one of the true classic noir films of the genre for those of you who may be unfamiliar and seeking new cinematic thrills.

Smokey Hormel Has Secret Family

Smokey Hormel
Smokey Hormel~Smokey's Secret Friends

My path with Smokey Hormel has been one of many musical twists & turns, since we first worked together in 1985; in that time to present I have watched him add more and more to his pan-musical pallet~moving forward into his participation with Johnny Cash, Beck, Sean Lennon, Tom Waits, Smokey & Miho (just to name a handful), and now this current solo release. 
 Smokey’s Secret Family embraces African music from an era before it was influenced by North American soul, pre-James Brown so to speak. The music speaks on a more Afro-Cuban-African level, with rhythmic emphasis on Son Montuno and Rhumba. I particularly dig the opening track which incorporates tuba and clarinet into the band, creating an impression of New Orleans and Santa Sangre. Kudos Smokey!