Vogue Picture Disc # 3

The illustrations used on many Vogue picture records are signed by the artist. Ed Basl, a Vogue picture record collector, undertook the effort to track down the persons behind those signatures. Ed kept a record of each of these searches, and has made that information available for our use. Thanks to Ed’s efforts, Richard Harker, Will Wirts, Sprink, Corbett, R. Forbes, and M. Kanouse are no longer names unattached to persons.

From The Association Of Vogue Picture Record Collectors

1953 Chevy Nomad


The Chevy Nomad was first introduced as a concept car at Motorama in 1953 but was not available for public consumption until 1955. The car in the photo is much different than the production model in that it is actually a Corvette body that has been modified into a station wagon.