Jane Greer-Out Of The Past


Out Of The Past, starring Jane Greer, Robert Mitchum, and Kirk Douglas, is one of the quintessential film noir classics. It has all the best qualities of noir- great plot twists & payoff, beautiful chiaroscuro cinematography, music score by Roy Webb (one of my favorite film composers), not to mention top notch acting & directing (Jacques Tourneur).
“In 1991, Out of the Past was added to the United States National Film Registry as being deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”
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The Beatles At 78 R.P.M.


In 1948, Columbia records unveiled the 33 1/3 r.p.m. record to the public. One year later, RCA Victor introduced the 45 r.p.m. single.
For more than fifty years before that, music recordings only existed on 78 r.p.m. (r.p.m.=revolutions per minute). By 1958/59, the U.S. had phased out the 78 format for good, but it still went strong for at least ten more years in countries such as Africa, India, South America, The Philippines etc. As the Beatles gained international notoriety by 1963/64, these countries released many singles by the Fab Four on 78’s. Over the years, these pressings have gained a great deal in value and are highly sought after by Beatles completists.
Check out this ultra cool website dedicated The Beatles At 78!

Kitschy Kitsch Coo


Just moments ago, I was researching 50’s double entendre cocktail napkins, when I came across (almost literally!) this Great blog called Kitschy Kitschy Coo. It’s a very cool and often times hysterical hodge podge of all things retro/kitsch. I highly recommend it-Five Stars!

BMW Isetta


I just found a crazy cool website dedicated to micro cars, specifically the BMW Isetta. This car has always fascinated me, especially the three wheel, front end/door concept. Take a look at the website and all the great examples/variations of theses unique vehicles!

“The car’s origins were in Milan, Italy at the scooter and refrigerator company of Iso SpA, run by Renzo Rivolta. Called Isetta, or “little Iso”, the car was a startling, totally unconventional design that caused a furor at its introduction in Turin in November 1953. From this influential debut grew a number of licensed branches worldwide, the main one being BMW in Germany.”
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1950’s Pop-The Antithesis Of Rock & Roll


On this episode of Vinyl Meltdown (show # 17), I brought in a stack of 1950’s Pop 45’s found in the 50 cent boxes at the swap meet. If you’re a fan of John Waters, you’ll definitely appreciate the kitschy, campy sensibility of this music.
It’s highly crafted, syrupy, saccharine, sentimental Sputnik Era Pop- The Reason Why Rock n Roll Was Born!
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Lenny Bruce, Jazz Fan

For years now, Bret Primack, aka “Jazz Video Guy”, has been a champion of Jazz music for all the right reasons. He’s known as the very first Jazz blogger since 1997, and has amassed an incredible amount of jazz footage. This particular segment highlights an extremely rare Lenny Bruce television special from 1959, featuring Julian “Cannonball” Adderly, Philly Joe Jones,Teddy Kotick, and Bill Evans (now available on dvd).
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Eldon Dedini


Eldon Dedini’s career as a cartoonint and illustrator began in 1942 for Esquire magazine.By the mid-forties he was hired by Univerasl as a storyboard artist, staying for a few years until he was hired by Disney as story artist for several Donald Duck shorts, also “Ichabod and Mr Toad” , “Mickey & The Beanstalk”, etc. During this time, Dedini continued his work for Esquire, moving to the New Yorker in 1950, and finally Playboy in 1960, where he contributed an incredible amount of material with a very indentifiable look.
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Daws Butler


You may not know Daws Butler by name, but you definitely know his voice like an old family friend. He was a prolific character actor who provided the voices of Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Snagglepuss, Cap’n Crunch many more. Butler also worked closely with Stan Freberg as a writer and performer.
Check out his website! dawsbutler.com

Marshall W. Stearns-1959

(photo by Walter Sanders)

Marshall W. Stearns was a professor of English Literature at Hunter college, also founder and executive director of the Institute of Jazz Studies. His books, “The Story Of Jazz”, and “Jazz Dance:The Story Of American Vernacular Dance” are great examples of early jazz studies and analysis. Even though these books were written more than fifty years ago, they still contain some very pertinent info and insights, also serving as a very interesting time capsule.
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1934 Bel Geddes


Pioneer industrial designer Norman Bel Geddes opened an industrial-design studio in 1927, designing a wide pallet of products including commemorative medallions, radio cabinets, cocktail shakers, and this eight wheeled teardrop-shaped automobile.