Sun Records-Philippines


Here’s an odd item I just found floating around Ebay- Carl Perkins on Sun Records-78 R.P.M. pressed in the Philippines. I wonder how many people in Manila were diggin’
on Southern Rockabilly back in the mid-fifties. Does anyone out there have further info on this item???

Cocktail Demons


Planning a cocktail party? Here’s a hot tip from Dr. Diablo- order yourself some cocktail demons to adorn your libations-this will give your guests something more to yak about aside from the usual French New Wave Cinema, Blue Note Records, and Egon Schiele dialogue. Add a little pizzazz to your party for only $5.50 per box.
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Predicta By Telstar


When I found this website I thought I was dreaming. A company named Telstar has been making brand new Predicta television sets, based on the original designs that Philco manufactured in the 1950s. There are about eight different models and they can also be ordered with custom finishing. One big difference is that the screens are larger and Color! They also work with remote, cable, and DVD players. I’m not sure if they’ve made the leap to HDTV yet, but it was mentioned in their f.a.q. section. This is unbelievably cool.
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Henri Salvador


What can be said about Henri Salvador that hasn’t already been said?
In a nutshell, he was a unique talent as a songwriter, singer, guitarist, and performer.
His career spanned over seven decades, covering a wide pallet of music including jazz, cabaret, novelty, and early rock n’ roll. In fact it was Salvador who first introduced rock n’ roll to France. Born in French Guiana, Salvador moved to Paris at age twelve and began his performance career by age sixteen. His popularity was huge in Europe, but he remained a well kept secret to the American audience for most of his life. I discovered his music purely by accident and was hooked immediately. Salvador was 90 years when he died in 2008.
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Speedy Alka-Seltzer


Who remembers Speedy Alka-Seltzer? He was the official mascot for the Alka-Seltzer ad campaign as early as 1951, and became symbolic with the product for over a decade in print ads, radio, and especially television.

Origins Of Barbie

Before Barbie there was Lilli- a sexy cartoon character found in a German newspaper called Bild. It was intended for adults, and became so popular that the publication began manufacturing the Bild-Lilli doll which was sold at news stands, cigarette kiosks, and a few toy stores. In 1956, while visiting Europe, Ruth Handler (founder of Mattel toy co.) discovered the Lilli doll which sparked the idea of manufacturing the doll en masse, targeted for children. The result was Barbie, debuting in 1959.
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Art Tatum By David Stone Martin


(photo:Gjon Mili; bassist-Oscar Pettiford)

There is no doubt that Art Tatum is the greatest pianist that ever lived. If you’ve never heard his music, go get some a.s.a.p. This particular David Stone Martin illustration is interesting as a real study of his minimalistic drawing style as you can see from the Gjon Mili photo that it was taken from.

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Pulp Fiction Ceramic Kangaroo Caddy


Who remembers the scene in Pulp Fiction when Bruce Willis’ character had to retrieve his watch before making his big getaway? The watch was hanging from a 1950’s ceramic kangaroo on the bedside table. I was told that the actual prop used for this belonged to Quentin Tarentino, and that it was one of the only items he had from his father. I was just cruising the web in search of info about these kangaroos and found that someone out there has created a Pulp Fiction ceramic kangaroo caddy page. There’s a whole back story, more pictures, and they are also for sale. Pretty cool huh?
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The Fabulous Victrola 45


In 1949, RCA Victor unveiled the 45 r.p.m. record to the world as an answer to Columbia Records’ 33 1/3 L.P. (1948). The competition was fierce, and the new 45 was only playable on its own special player. As a promotional strategy, RCA licensed the patent to any company who wished to manufacture the new design, hoping to elevate the popularity of the new format. For the next nine years, over a hundred different designs and models of this machine were made in various cabinets and carrying cases.
Phil Vourtsis has been collecting these for a long time, and in recent years wrote a comprehensive book with the complete story, photos of all the various models, advertisements, schematics and repair info, etc. Kudos to you Phil-Five Stars!
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Effortless Mastery


Kenny Werner’s book “Effortless Mastery” has saved my artistic life more than once already. It delves into methods of shedding the toxic belief systems that have been instilled in us as artists since our childhood, and also provides great methods of tapping into the creative mind space that can seem so elusive. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is creative and artistic. Thanks Kenny-Five Stars.

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Derek Yaniger


For the past 20 years, Derek Yaniger has been honing his craft as a fine artist, focused on retro tiki, hot rod, & beatnik cartoon culture. He’s worked for Cartoon Network, Marvel Comics, also magazines such as Car Kulture Deluxe, Barracuda, and Atomic. His book Wildsville: The Art of Derek Yaniger is a very cool item, a definite must for the mid-century enthusiast.

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Derek Yaniger Tiki Mug Page
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James Brown-Think!


I have the cover for this L.P. but the record is missing. Supposedly this release of the James Brown Think! L.P. was recalled because of the white baby on the cover, then re-released with a different cover design. I’m not sure how true this is, but a friend of mine who is a James Brown completist says the baby cover is worth a helluva lot more than the re-release. Does anyone have any more info about this???